Employee Monitoring – Recourse for Lone Workers

Lone worker safety is at risk in the US, with a growing number of people working alone.  These employees experience increased vulnerability due to violence against lone public workers seen as “easy targets.” Weather related and personal health emergencies may also occur when employees are working alone.   Employee monitoring provides recourse for lone workers – a source of help and hope in difficult situations.

Any worker out of eyesight of other co-workers is considered a lone worker. These are the men and women who work outside a fixed base or those who work beyond what are considered to be normal business hours. The occupations involved may include:

  • Agricultural and forestry laborers
  • Delivery driver
  • Education workers
  • Fuel station attendants
  • Health care workers
  • Hospitality workers
  • In-home help providers
  • Law officers
  • Postal staff
  • Real estate agents
  • Traffic/transit workers
  • Utilities workers
  • Professionals who visit residential and commercial areas


The risks these lone employees face may rise from emergencies related to work situations such as equipment malfunctions, their own sudden illness or injury, physical violence from a member of the public or a threat from an intruder.

Companies from the SMB to the Enterprise must do everything possible to reduce risks and protect the lone worker. Control measures include:

  1. Proper training of employees in safety instruction concerning the correct use of equipment
  2. Use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
  3. In-place emergency procedures and training
  4. Implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  5. Periodic check-ins when in the field
  6. Communication capabilities


Communication capabilities is of utmost importance.  The lone worker’s ability to connect with emergency support is vital, especially in the occurrence of accident or incident. Employee monitoring of remote workers provides a vastly improved resource for these off-base employees. With today’s employee monitoring technology, the lone worker is equipped with a source of help and hope in difficult situations.  Does your company make use of this protection technology?

Employee Monitoring for Safety DeviceEmployers are required to safeguard their #1 business asset: the worker, and workers are expected to cooperate by implementing reasonable effort into their own safety and health on the job site. No one is able to foresee every possible situation, but improving the protection of lone workers is within the scope of every business through employee monitoring.

As the numbers of lone workers increase, so do the risk factors involved. Physical illness or injury in the field and the threat of violence from aggressive members of the public are real. The necessity of sending employees out to work alone in an increasingly intimidating environment makes employee monitoring a viable solution for all involved. The employer is able to know where workers are, how they are doing and in real-time, know when there is trouble and to take action on it.

Protect your lone workers in the event of danger from the environment around them, the threat of theft, assault, or in the circumstance of a personal health situation. Whatever their task in the field, give your employees who face their shift on their own an edge with superior employee monitoring technology.

Employee monitoring is the best recourse for lone workers, ensuring that every worker has the best chance to return home safely every day. The ability to monitor employees in case of “man-down” events, and provide real-time emergency aid is an invaluable asset for any company. The ability to send the nearest 911 personnel to the exact location, beyond what even GPS can offer, of an accident or incident is an invaluable asset for any business. The ability to present a recorded copy of an incident as admissible in a court of law to protect both employee and company is an invaluable asset for any business.


SoloProtect provides employee monitoring for lone worker safety. For more information regarding SoloProtect’s award-winning employee monitoring system, call 866-632-6577, or visit us online. http://www.soloprotect.com/us

We make working alone safer.

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