Safety in the Workplace: Assessing The Risks

Management and workers strive for the same thing: safety in the workplace. So we assess risks and put “safety nets” into place. We brainstorm against every mishap we can imagine to do whatever we can to mitigate these risks. SoloProtect leads the way and supports risk assessment by providing the world’s leading safety-in-the-workplace solution. Whatever the risk, foreseen or unseen, with SoloProtect you have the ultimate worker safety solution in place for your employees who work alone.

safety in the workplaceMen and women in the workforce “clock in” day after day with the purpose of getting the job done. Competent, experienced personnel go about their activities with confidence in themselves and their ability to accomplish the work safely. They’ve received safety training and it has become second nature. They put that training and their experience to good use day after day. Due to risk assessments and safety nets in place, employees have the ability to respond to emerging and perhaps dangerous situations in the workplace with equal confidence in their ability to respond immediately and intelligently.

Implementing controls for every possible risk in the workplace has been the status quo, and rightly so. However, with the dynamic nature of the workplace, a growing number of lone workers and a constantly shifting work environment, traditional solutions don’t always meet today’s needs. A rising contingency of workers find that workplace situations often demand mitigation of risks which may arise.  In the field, under pressure, where unforeseen situations arise and escalating dangers are faced, personal safety becomes priority one. Proactive training in dynamic risk assessment ensures that workers recognize those risks and are empowered to respond.

Assessing and controlling risks as they arise in the dynamic workplace is about good management. It involves effectively managing safety risks as an integral process, rather than scrambling to meet each individual situation as it may arise. Predictive risk assessment is a vital element of safety in the workplace – recognizing potential dangers and implementing strategic solutions.

SoloProtect is on the cutting edge of proactive training and personal protection for workers in the field, wherever in the world the worker’s field takes place. SoloProtect provides custom lone worker safety solutions for the safeguarding of lone workers and those who work “outside the box” in unique environments.

Workers are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings, to immediately assess the situations they find themselves in and to activate the SoloProtect solution at the first sign of personal risk, before they would typically reach out for help or call 911.

With a uniquely designed device styled as an ID badge that is easy to activate and discreet to use in a potentially risky situation, SoloProtect is an innovative industry leader that defines the standard in communication and worker safety solutions. For more information on solutions for safety in the workplace, contact SoloProtect at 866-632-6577, or visit our website. Dynamic risk assessment meets its full safety potential in SoloProtect – the ultimate working-together toward safety solution in the workplace.

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