A Personal Safety Alarm Gives Workers Peace of Mind on the Job

Employers today are considering safety alarm options to keep lone workers safe. Feeling safe at work is important to employees. There are some workers that can expect a certain amount of risk, such as law enforcement officers, for example. The same are not always expected of someone who delivers pizza, provides business services or someone who provides home healthcare. Most of the actual work these people do is not dangerous, but since they are alone with clients, there is the potential that a dangerous situation could present itself. It is important that employers do what they can to see that workers are protected when these situations arise, as well as times when there are accidents or medical emergencies on the road when there is no one around at all.

Workers Need Protection

lone workerIn most cases, workers who enter the homes of private residences or businesses to perform a job need to go through some sort of background check and/or licensing in order to do the job that they do. While some of this happens to satisfy insurance companies, it also happens to assure home and business owners that the people coming in are generally considered safe.  Security screening is not performed on the homeowner before businesses agree to a job. There is no guarantee of safety.  The personal safety alarm aids the lone worker in these situations.

Going to work has proven to be unsafe in many instances. OSHA reports indicate that 2013 saw more than 4400 deaths while the worker was on the job, and according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, workplace homicides have landed in the top 4 causes of workplace death over the past 4 years. Violence in the workplace is also expensive for businesses, as it results in lawsuits, bad publicity and the loss of workers.

The Identicom safety device  from SoloProtect provides a solution for workers to feel safer when they are working out on the road or in places where they may be working alone, out of direct employer supervision or in unsavory locations.  Among the best things about it is that it doesn’t scream, “safety alarm.” It serves another practical purpose as well. It’s a badge identification holder, and two-way communication device, that discreetly  communicates with a dispatch unit that will respond to any suspicious activity and provide workers with the support they need to stay safe. Workers using the Identicom personal safety device are able to summon help without drawing attention to themselves and even communicate through their badge holder if need be.

A Partnership in Safety

SoloProtect is a company that originally started in the UK, but has since developed a presence in the United States and Canada. In 2013, SoloProtect was acquired by emergency communication provider,  Kings III Emergency  Communications, a dispatch unit that has been keeping people safe for over 25 years. Kings III has further expanded the SoloProtect brand, offering the service in North America, France, the Netherlands, Germany and of course still in the United Kingdom.  SoloProtect’s Emergency Dispatch Center  uses Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatch (AEMD) call center operators who are HIPAA certified and knowledgeable in CPR so they can respond to emergencies not only by sending out help, but can give guidance to wearers of the SoloProtect personal safety device. Both SoloProtect and Kings III Emergency Communications are deeply committed to maintaining a high level of honesty,  integrity, and making their customers a top priority.

Staying Protected On and Off Site

Many different types of workers can benefit from using a safety alarm when they are out in the field.  Social workers may need to visit families that don’t always welcome the visit. Home health nurses may find trouble when a person they are working for has a bad day or is in some sort of unstable mental condition. Utility technicians and general contractors may suffer a fall or be assaulted by an angry homeowner or their pet. Housekeeping staff might become an unfortunate bystander to some domestic situation or even become a victim themselves. Even those who stop by for scheduled appointments, such as insurance agents, realtors or sales representatives may run into trouble they are not prepared for.  Not even dropping off food can be considered completely safe for the same reason as others previously mentioned- you never know who  you may encounter.

Without a device like Identicom, some businesses may try and rely on cell phones for communication. Merely having the ability to call into work isn’t enough. Coworkers and even management back at the home base don’t have medical expertise, are not guaranteed to always be available and  won’t be able to track a worker if they are somewhere unexpected. The Identicom has the benefit of GPS and 3G capabilities built in, and is less conspicuous than taking out a cell phone. They can silently alert the emergency dispatch center and, consequently, their employer to trouble, or activate the “man-down” switch for two-way communication with an emergency operator. All result in an immediate, reliable response in real time.



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