SoloProtect Lone Worker Safety Control

Lone worker safety is a top priority to any company that employs field workers who are out of sight, out of earshot, and out of the range of immediate assistance. Because you know that your employees are your most valuable asset, you take precautions to ensure their safety. You hold safety meetings. You set safety rules in place. You make sure every worker goes through extensive safety training. However, you know it’s not enough. Their protection still concerns you because you know that lone worker safety programs don’t always equate to lone worker safety control.

Consider this:

  •       If a field worker feels threatened by a member of the public and reaches for a cell phone or tries to fight back, the perpetrator could become violent, certainly, at the very least, the situation would likely escalate.
  •        In a “Man Down” or abusive situation, the worker may panic or go blank and forget what they’ve learned in safety training.
  •        Most safety programs lack comprehensive lone worker safety control measures.
worker safety
Control worker safety with SoloProtect

Employers have a moral and legal duty to care for their employees, and employers who don’t provide proper provision for staff protection are at risk of lower productivity, litigation costs, and worse  if a worker is injured or killed on the job. Your lone worker safety control solution is just a call away.

With SoloProtect, a lone worker who is incapacitated by an accident can still be protected because of our innovative pre-set “Man Down” tilt and non-movement  sensitive feature. With SoloProtect, a lone worker who feels threatened by a member of the public or disgruntled client  can calmly and discreetly alert our ever-ready emergency responders through a one-way communications system, equipped with GPS should 911 need to be called. With SoloProtect, extensive training and an on-body Identicom device give employees the necessary tools to remain mentally focused and able to respond to any situation. And with SoloProtect, you have the answer for your need for a comprehensive lone worker safety control measure.

Lone worker safety control isn’t just a punchline, it’s SoloProtect’s promise to you and your workers. Your employees deserve to be protected and feel safe a work. You want peace of mind. We provide both.

SoloProtect is the number one choice of employers for the protection of remote workers. If your industry requires employees to be

  •        At heights
  •        With the public
  •        Handling hazardous materials
  •        Handling hazardous equipment
  •        In confined spaces (such as culverts, elevators, tanks, etc.) or
  •        Working alone,

then you want SoloProtect.

Don’t just manage lone worker safety, control it. Reduce risks. Care for your employees. For quality, comprehensive lone worker safety solutions, call SoloProtect US today at 866-632-6577.

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