SoloProtect Solutions

SoloProtect provides a solution to monitor employees for worker safety, assisting to reduce liability associated with lone working employees and reduce workplace violence.  The Identicom device designed and patented by SoloProtect comes with Yellow and Red Alert functions, Audio Trail Capabilities, Audio Evidence Capture, GPS and Auto ‘Man Down‘, among other various useful features. The lone worker safety device is an ID badge holder which the lone workers facing potential social and environmental risk can wear and use discreetly.

Employee Monitoring for SafetyWith its GPS capabilities, the Yellow Alert communicates the location and other relevant data of a worker to the dispatch center. In case of a Red Alert which signifies an emergency situation where a worker is potentially in distress, a live operator from the Kings III Dispatch Center listens live, assesses the situation and contacts proper medical and law enforcement authority dispatch as necessary, so the situation is dealt with in the fastest possible manner.

Operators trained and certified in emergency communications monitor the situation and contact the appropriate authorities if an encounter escalates. Kings III call centers have direct access to 911 and emergency services across the country and within Canada and other parts of North America.

With more than 120,000 devices deployed worldwide, SoloProtect’s Identicom device looks and feels like a standard ID badge. Worn via lanyard or clip, it is always close at hand, enabling users to raise alarms, capture at risk situations and get help when needed.  Learn more at

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